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Snowman Fingerprint Ornament Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make 1/2 dozen fingerprint snowman ornaments (out of 1 single handprint kit)

1. Buy the kit here:

2. Roll out the dough, so it’s evenly flat.

3. Take a mason jar, or a smaller cup, and use the open mouth area to make your circle ornaments.

4. Take the excess dough, roll it flat again, and make any additional ornaments, repeat step three

5. Use baby/child finger, and make imprints on all the ornaments.

6. Make a hole using the tool in the kit for the ribbon to go through.

7. Let dry according to directions.

8. Take acrylic paint, and paint the snowman. For the buttons and the snowflakes, use the opposite side of the brush and it will make perfect circles. Try dabbing on a napkin or a piece of aluminum foil prior to doing it on the actual ornament to make sure you don’t have too much or too little paint.

Orange acrylic paint:

Blue acrylic paint:

Black acrylic paint:

9. Attach ribbon or twine!

Buy my twine here:

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I’ll be honest I can never decide how to decorate my house… One day I’m going antique white farm house style… The next day you think I joined the local hippy band ✌🏻 and then add to the situation and … MIND BLOWN.

Just one simple question… Can I have it all?

My favorite section of The Fine Arts section (find it here: and here

The print I have featured here is called “moo cow” by Emily Gilbert of Richmond Virgina. I chose the print unframed as I already had an IKEA frame that would suit it well.

I won’t lie, I had the hardest time choosing a print. But I went with the cow and I am so happy with my choice. When the package came I was pleasantly surprised by how well it was packaged (I know… it’s the little things that impress me). They even had the print in a plastic sleeve so when dirty little fingers try to grab, they won’t leave Charlie prints everywhere!

Why do I love It’s simple.. they take talented independent artists that produce quality unique items and they form a small community on the web to sell only the best prints and paper products.

If your more decisive than myself and have everything decorated then FINE… maybe you should write a blog! Kidding, but still, you should at least look at their holiday guide here:

BUT WAIT… Anyone have a Christmas exchange and you literally have no idea what to buy the person? We all have Aunt Barb that buys everything for herself…. But I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that a gift card may be right up her alley!

Buying for a loved one, EASY… gift card:

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A Weekend with Kimpton Amara

My best friend and I recently enjoyed a girls trip away to Sedona accompanied by Charlie too of course. We were lucky enough to stay at the Kimpton Amara.

The drive into just the front entrance is enough of a view to appease anyone. It was absolutely breath taking. Somewhere in between the seasonal changes and the view of the red rock mountain, sits the perfectly hidden and exclusive, Kimpton Amara.

And that was just the beginning….

We became neighbors to the heated infinity pool and hot tub. Walking into the room, we were greeted by a bottle of wine, chips and salsa, and extra bottles of water, as well as a note thanking us for coming to stay. Because let’s be honest, it’s the little things like this is life that matter. The room had the most perfect view of the red rock mountain, the fall trees and the most perfect yard with yellow Adirondack chairs, corn hole bags, and fire pits.

The hotel provided free bike rentals, a free shuttle, and shopping within walking distance!

I could of moved in… this resort is perfect!

Book today:

The SaltRock dining was also one for the books. Our favorites? The morning mimosas and the Salmon bagel (that comes with a whipped avocado spread).

Hungry anyone?😒

And just in case you needed more pictures to be convinced😘

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Drunk Elephant

Drinking? Drunk? Elephants… Sounds like so much fun…


A skin care line dedicated only CLEAN ingredients to help mommy look prettier? I’m In!

Find Drunk Elephant here:

Babybums favorite: TLC Sukari Babyfacial

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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Mommy who loves to cook

Mommies are by far the easiest to shop for… seriously guys. I mean what don’t we like? Flowers, chocolate, Lululemon, oh yes and ANYTHING to make our lives more convenient….

Just recently I learned to love cooking… Yes thats right I said it. LEARNED TO LOVE. Because its when I realized that I’m the mommy! I get to pick what we eat! Challenge accepted!

For those of you shopping this Christmas for moms that love to cook here are a few items that are my favorite this holiday season!

  1. Nutri bullet:
    1. There are way to many blenders on the market. You go to the blender aisle and your immediately overwhelmed and trying to search for amazon reviews. You then start to realize that the most expensive may not actually be the biggest bang for the buck! Thats why the NutriBullet is my top choice for blenders. Its compact in size, has a super easy and simple assembly, and has a hassle free cleanup. Hassle free? This may be mommy’s only hassle free thing in her life at the moment.
    2. My favorite thing: The extractor blade twists and fits onto any of the NutriBullet cups which allows you to blend and then drink from the same cup, making for less dishes!

You want this perfect blending system:

BUT WAIT…. Mom also wants this:

  1. Veggie Bullet:
    1. I make pasta and I make a lot of pasta…. one of my favorite dishes of all time is a vegetable medley pasta with parmesan. The worst part about this pasta is the fact that you have to individually cut up about 20 different vegetables for it… not kidding. The Veggie Bullet not only made this my favorite pasta all over again but made it simple, fast, and now I’m pretty sure my family is sick of this dish! 😉
    2. The Veggie Bullet has settings for shredding, slicing, and spirilizing… and its not only good for veggies but works with cooked meats, fruits, and even cheeses!
    3. Favorite part about this: Makes meal prepping  SO FAST… second most favorite part? All pieces are top rack dishwasher safe!

Buy the Veggie Bullet here:

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Mommy skincare that’s shapes and firm without the dreadful gym! 

When baby sleeps… this is what mommy does!

Visit them here:

Shaping oil:

  • Made with essential oils to promote circulation and dextoification, also used to help alleviate unwanted water retention

Firming oil:

  • Made with a blend of essential oils to Encourage cell regeneration and promote skin elasticity