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Flagship Dinner Cruise:

We recently joined Flagship Cruises for their Nightly Dinner Cruise.

We had passed the Flagship stand so many times that we almost became accustomed to walking past it, like we were blind to it. Until some people in our group decided to stop by the stand and check out what they were all about.

And I am so glad they did!

We decided to join them on their Saturday Night Dinner Cruise.

The service was impeccable, the views were unforgettable, and the evening was one of the most memorable family nights we had on the trip. 

We started off the cruise with champagne, and Charlie enjoyed himself to some apple cider. I added the ‘Hosted Bar’ to my ticket and let me tell you, it was SO worth it! The Merlot and Bloody Mary’s were amazing! I would definitely recommend adding this onto your reservation!

Charlie loved watching the boat take off, and screamed with delight at the people waving at him from the shore. He kept yelling “On a boat! In the water!” I did not know someone could be this excited about being on a boat… that in itself made mommy so happy.

We then had a three course gourmet dinner followed by the most amazing dessert which included lemon bars, caramel brownies, strawberries with whipped cream and cheesecake. Yes… all four. And I did not control myself.

The ship sailed 25 miles along the San Diego coastline. There was music, dancing, and the beautiful night lights of the city.

I would recommend this over and over for both locals and for tourists. I will definitely be taking my friend and my family on this again!

Thank you Flag ship cruises!!


Charlie Banana and Potty Training 

The dreaded P word… Potty… Training. 

I’ve been pretty lucky that Charlie tells me when he has to go pee… But when he has to poop?? That’s a whole different story! He tends to hide himself in the corner, and do his business alone… I still have yet to get him to go on the actual potty! The bathtub… The floor… The rug… The patio… Those were all not off limits!🤔😟  Thanks Charlie!

 We started off with regular pull-ups… However I found myself picking up the pull ups from the ground, because Charlie tends to want to run around naked all the time! I decided I needed something different!

I came across the Charlie banana training pants… And they have worked so well for our family! Not only does he keep them on, but they are easy to wash up, and easy to use! I would definitely recommend these for new potty training toddlers and parents! The patterns are adorable, and not only do they look more comfortable for baby, but I’m pretty sure they are more comfortable, since he tends to always want to wear them! 

Find them here:

Book Reviews


Happy 50th Anniversay to Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See? 50 years ago, Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr. teamed together to publish one of the most classic children’s books. I was so thrilled to buy this book for Charlie as it brought me back to my younger years, laying with my sisters on our bunk bed and fighting over who could flip the page next. 

In celebration of this milestone, Macmillan publishers and hellobabybums has teamed together to give one lucky winner a signed (YES signed by eric carle himself🙊) 50th anniversry edition book! Entering is easy, follow us on Instagram @babybums, subscribe to our blog, and comment on this post!

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One Big Happy Red, White and Cute

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service fighting for our freedom here in the United States of America. This year, Gymboree’s perfectly coordinated “Americana” design fits the occasion to a tee! Find the collection here:
Every year to celebrate Memorial Day, my family gets together at my parents’ house to hang out by the pool. We grill hamburgers, hot dogs and my mom always makes the best homemade potato salad. We may also pour some Margaritas but that’s a story for another time.

This year the family plans to continue our “poolside” tradition. There are always lots of jokes, laughter and stories. We have two babies in the family and they are typically the center of all activity and attention. Gymboree’s Americana outfits will be the perfect addition to our summer tradition.

A couple of my favorite items from the Americana collection are the Flag shirt and the Stars Shirt from the Star Spangled Days collection. Find them here:,

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Bracelets by: Same SkyFun fact: For those that know me, you know how into gardening I am. Some of my favorite flowers are peonies, ranunculus, and poppies. I’ve mastered the art of growing poppies, and every spring, my garden beds are full of them. Did you know that wearing poppies was a tradition for Memorial Day that originated from the poem “In Flanders Fields.”

Home Decor


I recently recieved a nuLOOM rug. I broke the rules and immediately put it in my living room. It was so much prettier than I had expected. Don’t get me wrong, I knew it would be nice, but the quality and the coloring, even the way it feels is unmatched. Check out NuLOOM for elegant and eye-catching rugs and centerpieces.

Books featured: MacMillan Publishers (

Cable Knit Blanket: Boll and Branch (

Cityscape Artwork: Uncommongoods (