Find your Crane Diffuser here: https://crane-usa.com/product/soothing-aroma-diffuser/

So for those of you that know me, you know how much I love oils. I was first introduced to oils when I was pregnant and my morning sickness would have me with my head in the trash can at work. My coworker did some “gypsy magic” (as I called it at that time) and rubbed oils behind my ears. The sickness went away… what?? I then thought, no… not possible. Placebo effect for sure. The next day I found myself in the same situation and my coworker was back at it. Since then I’ve found myself to have fallen in love with oils. My favorite? Patchouli. It reminds me of when Charlie was born. I love wearing oils, diffusing oils, even rinsing with oils. Yes … Its fine, call me a weirdo.  I recently purchased the Crane diffuser and it is amazing. I love the quality of Crane products. With its real bamboo top and base, it has a modern look and fits perfect into my home. It works with any essential oils, runs quiet for up to 6 hours, and has a mist volume of 18 ml per hour. This is the best diffuser I’ve come across.

Find your Crane Humidifier here: https://crane-usa.com/product-category/humidifiers/

Now onto my Crane Humidifier. I love this humidifier, not only for when Charlie is sick, but we use it nightly to keep the air cool and help Charlie get a good night’s sleep. I love the style of this humidifier, the coloring, and the quietness of it… it runs quiet for up to 24 hours. I literally forget its running sometimes!


Charlie Banana and Potty Training 

The dreaded P word… Potty… Training. 

I’ve been pretty lucky that Charlie tells me when he has to go pee… But when he has to poop?? That’s a whole different story! He tends to hide himself in the corner, and do his business alone… I still have yet to get him to go on the actual potty! The bathtub… The floor… The rug… The patio… Those were all not off limits!🤔😟  Thanks Charlie!

 We started off with regular pull-ups… However I found myself picking up the pull ups from the ground, because Charlie tends to want to run around naked all the time! I decided I needed something different!

I came across the Charlie banana training pants… And they have worked so well for our family! Not only does he keep them on, but they are easy to wash up, and easy to use! I would definitely recommend these for new potty training toddlers and parents! The patterns are adorable, and not only do they look more comfortable for baby, but I’m pretty sure they are more comfortable, since he tends to always want to wear them! 

Find them here: https://charliebanana.com/collections/potty-training-1/Extraordinary-Training-Pants


Hard Night Good Morning 


Facial Cocktail Serum: One of my favorites… not only does it lift, tone, tighten, smooth and firm but also hydrates your skin. It contains hyaluronic acid (which happens to be one of my favorites) which helps to reduce wrinkles and firm the skin. It also contains Calendula which smells amazing.

Facial Cocktail Serum

Nighttime Moisturizer: One of my favorite aspects of this product is that it’s not oily and thick. After applying it did not make me feel sticky. I live in Phoenix and my skin tends to get dry with the heat. This product works amazing on dry skin. Other great qualities of this product: Smoothens and tightens complexion, restores tone, minimizes appearances of wrinkles, perfect for the neck!

Nighttime Moisturizer

Daytime Moisturizer: I suffer (just slightly) from rosacea, and this product has significantly reduces the redness and ruddiness to my cheeks. This product is filled with aloe vera and antioxidants. Its goes on very light and seems to keep the moisture all day.

Daytime Moisturizer



Boll and Branch

The Boll and Branch Bath Sheets are not only the softest towel on the market but measure 36’ x 70’ and cover me from head to toe. Never deal with that after-shower chill again! They are made with Fair Trade cotton, 100% GOTS certified organic, made with non toxic dyes and are eco friendly. They are super absorbent and even after washed and dried remain the exact same as when I took them out of packaging. Boll and Branch Bath Sheets: https://www.bollandbranch.com/products/bath-sheets


The Boll and Branch Cable Knit Throw blends class, beauty and functionality. It measures 50’ x 70’ and is made with Fair Trade certified cotton. It is the most soft and cozy blanket. Charlie and I cuddle in it every night while watching out night time shows and while reading books. The quality of this blanket is worth the price.. I would buy again and again. Boll and Branch Cable Knit Throw: https://www.bollandbranch.com/products/cable-knit-throw