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Visit Lassig here:

Find the Lassig Glam Goldie Backpack here:

My favorite things about this product: can be used as handbag, shoulder bag, or backpack. It’s large enough for everything you need and has compartments for cell phones, sippy cups and even a changing mat!

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Christmas at Ryan House

This year for Christmas we decided to make Christmas gifts for 20 children at Ryan House: end of life care for sick children and respite care for medically fragile children.

Watch our video here:

Some of the items included in the Christmas gifts were (pictured above, from top to bottom and left to right):

On top of dresser: Bows by Wunderkin Co and Little Wilde Co., Tweet Treat Snack holders by Ubbi

Top shelf: Baby Teethers by Silichews, Puzzles by Haba, Wooden Rattles by Green Sprouts, Red and Lulu books by Matt Tavares by Candlewick Press, Baby lotions by Erbaviva, (next shelf) Blankets by Kickee Pants, Snap It Up Card Game by Learning Resources, Tableware by Replay, Nano Santa robots by HexBug, Silicone Placemats by Silikids,

Next shelf: Silicone Placemats by JJ Rabbit, toys from B. Toys, Candy from Bulk Candy, Toys from Battat Toys

Next shelf: Ohhnoo Memory Game, Trucks by B.Toys

Pictured in red basket: organic Swaddles from Iplay, Blankie Friend from iplay, Puppets on a Stick by Educational Insights, Singing Friends/ Hugs and Tickle Stuffed Animals from Nuby,

Charlie sitting on: B. TOYS Tent, B Toys music keys, B toys music mat, Batatt Driven Trucks,

To the right of dresser: NuLoom rug

Here are some separate photos of some of the gifts:

Deuteronomy 15:10❤️🎄

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Snowman Fingerprint Ornament Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make 1/2 dozen fingerprint snowman ornaments (out of 1 single handprint kit)

1. Buy the kit here:

2. Roll out the dough, so it’s evenly flat.

3. Take a mason jar, or a smaller cup, and use the open mouth area to make your circle ornaments.

4. Take the excess dough, roll it flat again, and make any additional ornaments, repeat step three

5. Use baby/child finger, and make imprints on all the ornaments.

6. Make a hole using the tool in the kit for the ribbon to go through.

7. Let dry according to directions.

8. Take acrylic paint, and paint the snowman. For the buttons and the snowflakes, use the opposite side of the brush and it will make perfect circles. Try dabbing on a napkin or a piece of aluminum foil prior to doing it on the actual ornament to make sure you don’t have too much or too little paint.

Orange acrylic paint:

Blue acrylic paint:

Black acrylic paint:

9. Attach ribbon or twine!

Buy my twine here:

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California Baby: Lavender

Great for baths, diffusers, mixed with water for ‘room spray’, and even baby massages too. This California Baby Lavender oil is my all time favorite. (Sorry Young Living and Doterra… but the smell beats both of those and seems to last longer too!)

Find California Baby Lavender Oil here:

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Boo Baskets 

This year for Halloween, Charlie and I wanted to do something good for those less fortunate than us. Every year since Charlie was born, I’ve made him a “Boo Basket.” It’s similar to an Easter Basket but Halloween themed. I decided we would make some additional “Boo Baskets” for kiddos in need.

The baskets are being donated to families at Ryan’s House. Ryan’s house is a hospice facility for children. They help children go through their end of life process comfortably and compassionately and provide their families with comfort and peace along the way. You can visit their website here:

Thank you to the following companies who helped to make this years “Boo Baskets” a success:

Ubbi orange tweat snack container:

tweat snack container

Re-play Reclycle Childrens Tableware:

Hex Bug Aqua Bot 2.0 Single:


See’s Candy:

Pure Growth Organic:

MacMillan Publishing:

The Soda Shop:

Squish candies:

Makutu’s island:

Bahaha bucks:

Me! Bath:



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Overtired and Cranky: California Baby

Overtired and Cranky… We’ve all been there. Some of us (slowly raising hand now…) more times than others. California Baby came out an uplifting bubble bath that soothes just these moments for both moms and babies. Made with calming chamomile and tangerine this bubble bath is sure to make your day better.

Overtired & Cranky™ Bubble Bath

And if they needed a toddler face for their “overtired and cranky” label we have just the one!! See below: 😛