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Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper Bags

Brook Baby Bag:

I recently went to the beach and took my Cee Cee and Ryan diaper bag… and boy was I happy I did! Not only was it the perfect travel companion for the beach, but yielded the best date to the wedding we attended. I was tempted to try and stick my stroller in it to… 😉

This is my second Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper bag. I truly feel so lucky to have met Christine, the owner of Cee Cee & Ryan. This company is amazing. Not only are the diaper bags sleek, trendy, and functional, but they are designed to make everyday adventures simple. Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper Bags were thoughtfully designed with ample room to carry all of your baby’s essentials and your essentials and can accommodate a family’s ever changing needs. Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper Bags are a must-have for all parents.

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I was so excited to get the Britax Advocate Click Tight ARB Convertible Car Seat. After going through consumer reports and trying to find the safest car seat for Charlie, I finally decided that Britax was the way to go.

The Britax Advocate includes the Click Tight Installation System, which is not only super easy to install, every… single…time…but also is rated one of the highest in safety. The seat has three layers of side impact protection, a impact absorbing base and also a steel frame for maximum safety. It also includes a patented V shaped tether that minimizes seat rotation adn reduces forward movement if the vehicle would get into a crash. The ARB (anti rebound bar) minimizes forces associated with MVA by helping to stabilize the seat. The seat has quickly adjustable 14 position harness, that allows for easily accommodated my growing toddler. Oh and the cover of the entire car seat is easily removed for cleaning purposes… because who even knows what happens in the car seat! I am finally rest assured that Charlie is safe and sound in the back seat of my car. Thank you Britax!

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I Love My Pillow

I Love My Pillow.. but really. I really really really love my new “I Love My Pillow.” I don’t think I’ve slept this soundly in years. This morning I woke up and I literally had not moved from when I fell asleep.

I’ve recently tested the Classic Traditional Pillow, the Signature Contour Pillow and the Memory Down Pillow. Of the three of these, I would have bet money that the Memory Down Pillow would have been my choice of pillow. After switching it up and using a different one each night, I realized that the Signature Contour Pillow is my favorite. Unfortunately this is Charlie’s favorite too so we often find ourselves fighting over who gets it… I always give in.

The Signature Contour Pillow has a indent on one side that provides support for the head and neck while sleeping. It literally feels like laying on a teddy bear.

The Signature Contour Pillow and the Traditional Pillow both came with a micro mink pillowcase that is machine washable, stain resistant, hypoallergenic, and comfy. Did I mention comfy? Omg… I want to sleep face down that’s how soft it is…. really!

I Love My Pillow has a guarantee that you will sleep sound for 100 nights or your money back! Each pillow also comes with a 3 year warranty.

Check them out here:

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Need to get mom something for mother’s day but just can’t seem to find the right thing? Visit for silicone rings. I have several of these rings and they are perfect for working out, going to the lake, hiking, working (especially if you’re in a field where you can’t wear your wedding ring). They recently came out with stackable rings. I really love these as it give it the whole “wedding band, engagement band” feel. 

Qalo rings Fit true to size, are 10x more resistant to gasoline, oil and solvents than traditional sicilone. Resistant to household chemicals and cleaning supplies. Temperature tolerant, non conductive, non porous.

The rings pictured on the blog are: 

Find  women’s lilac laurel C2X silicone ring here:


Find stackable Qalo rings here: