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Cee cee & ryan

Cee Cee & Ryan recently came out with children clothing. Gasp! Let me be the first to tell you… it’s amazing. Made in the US and feauturing patterns that are impeccably cute, the Cee Cee & Ryan clothing line is a must for all kiddos. The rompers are my personal favorite. They are sleeveless, lightweight, and have front snap openings that make putting on and taking off a breeze.

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Boys Playwear


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Intelligent Nutrients 

Ever since I had the baby, my hair has changed drastically. I often find myself putting so much product in my hair that I then feel like washing it all out and starting over.

I recently tried Intelligent Nutrients and was pleasantly surprised by not only the quality of their products but the efficacy of them as well. They smell wonderful and they WORK!

I recently visited the Intelligent Nutrient website and found an ingredient guide. You can find your hair issue, and find the nutrients your hair may be lacking. Check it out here:

Try their shampoo here:

Try their conditioner here:

Mom on the go? Do you change diapers in the car like myself? Buy the hand sanitizer here:

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Buy yours here:

Don’t forget your lightning cord:

Visit Carved here:

The New Zealand Paua Shell 6000mAh Power Bank is the perfect accessory for every on the go mom … or every on the go human in general honestly. Who else gets anxious when your battery life drops to less than 10%. I straight up panic. My mind immediately floods with questions… I don’t have any phone numbers memorized anymore, how will I contact anyone if I need to?? I don’t even know North from South while driving, I need my maps!! How do I get home?? What if someone texts me about the baby? How will they ever figure out where the diapers are in the house?? Gasp…the baby will be diaperless???!! Okay… you get my drift. I need a power bank for peace of mind.

I would definitely recommend this Carved Power Bank. It has a 2.1A fast charging output, 6000mAH lithium polymer rechargeable battery, Micro-USB input and then lets talk about the beautiful shell colors this New Zealand Paula Shell bank has. Made from real wood and reconstituted Ebony, this bank is impeccably unique.

And if you want a matching phone case, well I would definitely recommend getting that as well.

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Lush Decor

Buy the Lush Ravello Pintuck here:

Ravello Pintuck 5 Piece Comforter Set

This beautiful Ravello Pintuck 5 Piece Comforter Set features hand tucking detail on crinkle Micro Fiber, perfect for comfort and a minimalist look. Its super soft, perfectly size, and is perfect for the master bedroom. The set comes with a comforter, two matching pillows and 2 large king pillow shams.

I often find myself laying on my bed watching movies rather than my couch. I recently invested into ‘black out shades’ for my master bedroom and it makes for… basically the coziest dungeon ever. Adding the Lush Ravello Pintuck comfoter made it even more perfect. I find myself having a really difficult time motivating myself to get up. Charlie loves the comforter as well. He kept rubbing his feet on it and saying “so soft mom.” I love the feel of this comforter, it’s almost “air-y” if that even makes sense. Its super lightweight which is perfect in Arizona, because we all know that big goose down comforters are not even reasonable here. Not even in the winter.

Find the Barn Toy here:

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Good Night Light

Shop Good Night Light here:

Buy the Pineapple Good Night Light here: //

Shop The Cactus Lamp in Tropical Green here:

I recently found Good Night Light while trying to find Charlie a night light to keep him in his “big boy bed” alone at night. I was so excited to find this company and their vivid, colorful and fun night lights.

I got the Cactus Lamp in Tropical Green. It fit Charlie’s room perfectly. Not only does it pose as a decorative object for his space during the day, but produces a warming glow to keep those bed time monsters away at night. The lamp comes in several color options, pale green possibly being one of my all time favorites. The LED life span has up to 50,000 hours (thats a lot of hours without those scary monsters).

Cactus Lamp Emerald and Yellow flowers

Purchase Charlie’s shoes (PediPed) here:



Whether needing a weekend away for a relaxing staycation or dropping in from out of town, us here at @babybums found the perfect boutique hotel to visit.

We had the pleasure of visiting a local boutique hotel located in the heart of downtown Phoenix called FOUND:RE. When I walked into the lobby I was pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of the hotel. The vibe was modern, chic, and hip. I immediately felt as if I were visiting an art museum. I found myself surrounded by amazing arts of all kinds, created by local Phoenix artists. Charlie ran around screaming with joy… trying to touch everything. I immediately regretted not bringing my stroller to detain him.

The FOUND:RE private pool area was secluded, quiet, and ever so relaxing for a staycation. They even had poolside drink and food service which had me ordering cold brewed coffee all throughout the day.

Buy the donut pool float here:

Sunglasses by TreeHut Co


 Buy Charlies hat here:

Buy Charlies swim shorts here:

Buy Charlie’s Crocodile Toy here:

Buy my dress here:

Remember the old days when you could call the front desk and set a wake up call? I remember my uncles playing tricks on my parents and waking them up at the crack of dawn… well no more wake up calls. No more phones actually. They have touch screen pads where you can request any service (including housekeeping, guest services, even room service!) 

When the resort has CO Bigelow products… you photograph it.

The room was spacious, modern, and appealing to the eye. The view of the city was impeccable and provided the best monsoon spectacle for the evening.

Book your room today here:

Located in the FOUND:re hotel is the Match Restaurant and Cocktails. Offering breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner they also feature happy hour (with some rocking discounts on drinks and bar items) 7 days a week! The wood fired kitchen is sure to please any appetite.

Visit Match Restaurant here:

See the Match Menu here:

Recommendation: Match Pizza. Made with prosciutto, bacon, parmesan cream, arugula and topped with truffle oil and a sunny side up egg this pizza was AMAZING.