Hello Spud

I recently re-did Charlie’s room. We moved the crib out. The baby art work came down. The binky’s were boxed up. (I think I could write the sequel to the movie ‘300’ with taking away Charlie’s binkys) The baby onesies were boxed up… I’ll admit, I did shed a few tears. But I had to remember that my little newborn is now a toddler and deserves his own big boy toddler bed.

I recently discovered the brand Hello Spud. I decided their quilts were perfect for Charlie’s new room. I am still so thankful that I decided to go this route. Their quilts are super soft, lightweight, and cozy. The color of the box stitched blue is almost like a denim. They are modern, yet classy. The quilt size is 36” by 45” and is perfect size for not only toddler beds but also for cribs (for those of you who don’t have a ‘big boy’ on your hands yet.

Visit Hello Spud here: https://hellospud.com/

Find the ‘Quilt Box Stitched Blue” here: https://hellospud.com/collections/quilts/products/box-quilt-blue  

Buy Charlie’s Toddler Bed here:


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