First Responder Thank You Care Package

During the COVID pandemic, one thing is simple: We are thankful for our essential workers. We collaborated with The Mod Cabin, Jack Black, made by Fressko, and The Laundress to make a “Thank You” care package for a local fire department in town.

Here’s a little about each company and what items were donated to the local firemen:

  1. made by Fressko

The Camino Cup: My personal favorite reusable vacuum-sealed coffee cup, with a spill proof, lock lid that keeps my caffeine dependency at ease all throughout the day. BPA FREE/SCRATCH RESISTANT

If you are an essential worker on the frontlines, here is a special discount code for 20% off your purchase: FRONTLINE (available only in the US).

2. The Mod Cabin

The Mod Cabin offers a line of premium grooming goods each one individually handcrafted in Boulder County, Colorado. With scents inspired by the great outdoors, the smell alone is simply the best. My favorite scent: Honeysuckle

The Mod Cabin Beard Balm

The Mod Cabin Soap Pack

The Mod Cabin Solid Cologne

3.Jack Black

Because men matter too! There is an enormous amount of skincare companies made for women, but what about the needs of men? Jack Black has them covered. All Jack Black products are formulated with the finest ingredients to be easy to use, highly effective, dermatologist tested, paraben free, cruelty free, and free of harsh sulfates. Almost all their products are vegan, free of artificial colorants, safe for sensitive skin, and made in the USA.

The Jack Black Shave Essential Kit

4. The Laundress

My all time go-to laundry friends. The smell alone has me hooked. The Laundress offers an eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care, and home cleaning products that (again) smell incredible, but help you take care of you, the things you love, and the environment.

The Laundress Wash and Stain Bar


Christmas with Maggies Place

Merry Christmas! This year for Christmas we decided to give a little love to some mommies in need and bring Christmas to Maggie’s Place. Maggie’s Place is a community that provides houses of hospitality for parenting mothers and pregnant mothers in Arizona. Our family has visited several of the Maggie’s Place shelters and while there, I was flooded with so many emotions. Raising children is not easy, but raising children without a home and support? I can not even imagine. Maggie’s Place provides so much more than just a shelter for those in need, it provides hope, love, security. I once read this Bible verse that said WHEN (not if, because He always provides, just sometimes not what you WANT Him to provide) WHEN God provides you the means to bless others, do it. As some of you may know, I have an Instagram called Babybums. This month it was hacked and taken for ransom. I still do not have it back. I’ve done a lot of thinking recently about social media and the effects it has on my life, what it really means to me. I am so thankful for what Instagram has blessed my family with over the years. My instagram has opened so many doors so me, allowed me to help those in need. We have been able to supply Christmas to three different non profits over the past three years. I have met so many wonderful people, became close with so many companies, marketing and PR firms. God blessed us, and I am so incredibly thankful. It’s because of my Instagram and God that I was able to come together this Christmas and provide Christmas for Maggie’s Place. I want to say thank you to all the companies that stood with me this year to make Christmas at Maggie’s Place amazing! If you still have not done your Christmas shopping, I urge you to check the following companies out, as they went out of their way to help those in need. They are generous, they are kind!

Here is Christmas at Maggie’s Place:

  • Ubbi Diaper Pails, Changing Mats, Diaper Caddie’s, Blanket Buddies
    • The Ubbi Blanket Buddies is one of Charlie’s favorites. Its a 2 in 1 muslin blanket that converts to a stuffed animal. Its his favorite to bring to school for nap time. It would be perfect for a stocking stuffer.
  • Rags  Long sleeve and short sleeve rags
    • Might just be my all time baby/toddler clothing company. The quality is unmatched. And for all you Disney lovers, check out Their Disney line, its the CUTEST.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

  • Murchison-Hume Superlative Hand Soap
    • Everything from this company not only smells amazing, but works amazing too! Im obsessed with their floor cleaner, all purpose cleaner, and their bathroom cleaner!
    • Candle lover? Try the Mediterranean Fig Candle

Manhattan Toy 

    • I could not speak more highly of this company. Their generosity has sincerely blown me away. If you have babies, toddlers, kiddos, you should check out their page, their toys are not only the cutest, but of the highest quality as well.
    • Some of my favorites:

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  • Sarah Briggs Light weight, wearable, architectural, and notably unique jewelry. And did I mention the cutest? Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
  • GoSili   reusable straws

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  • Baby Tula 
    • Use code ‘Babybums’ at $5 off any purchase at checkout
    • Some of our favorites:
      • Toddler Cover ups (perfect for after the bath, swimming or the beach! And on sale for only $15)
      • Fabric Scrap (for all you that sew out there and want some unique fabric that holds up AMAZING)
      • And of course their Baby Carriers 

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  • MAM Baby
    • How cute are these first teeth toothbrushes?! Stocking stuffer? I THINK YES

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

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  • Goodpop
    • I’ve been blessed to work with this company for years. They are amazing. They sell popsicles, and they are amazing. The orange cream popsicle is my all time favorite. This year they donated boxes (and boxes and boxes) of popsicles, t-shirts, and hoodies for the shelter.
    • They created #PledgeGood to make the world a brighter place, with more generosity, kind gestures and good deeds around every corner. They donate $1 to charity for every person who pledges to do something good. Pledge today, its so easy!

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  • Arctic Zone Freezable Insulated Lunch

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

  • Stuck on You  Personalized Labels for kids (I love their personalized Christmas labels)

Boo Baskets: Making a Halloween Basket for your Toddler that’s not all about candy

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am the first one to go through Charlie’s Halloween basket searching for my favorites. And Im also all about the traditions of trick or treating. BUT, I’ve made our own little family tradition of making “Boo Baskets” every year for him. They are quite similar to an Easter basket, but Halloween themed and “spooky” and honestly, just more fun! They would also make a great teacher/classroom gift to bring to the class instead of brining candy! Here’s our “Boo Basket” this year!

Whats included and where do I buy it?! Here you go:

GIVEAWAY ❤️ Subscribe and comment “entered” to be entered to win “Mischief of Monsters” and “Wipe Clean Activites: Spooky Halloween”

Saving Space in the Kitchen with Calphalon

Sponsored by Calphalon

I was recently finding myself completely avoiding areas of my house that were disorganized. I would DREAD cooking because my pots and pans were so disheveled and often times I would have to take every pot and pan out just to find the one I needed. And that’s when I had ENOUGH. It was time for a complete cabinet remodel. I took out everything in all my kitchen cabinets. You guys, THE THINGS I FOUND….. Some happy things (like a platter I bought 3 years ago and thought I lost) and other not so happy things (like Charlie’s fake rat that nearly made me have a heart attack). I donated all my pots and pans (and the fake rat) and started over fresh.

I decided to go with Calphalon. Why this brand you might ask? Well first, Calphalon is one of my favorite brands, especially when it comes to cooking.  They are a premium cookware brand and in my opinion have the highest quality of products. So, I chose the Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware for several reasons. Ready? Here I go…

  • They securely stack (and I mean securely… Charlie bumped them and they didn’t move).
  • They save 30% more space (and 30% more space feels like 50% more space in my cabinets)
  • They have flat glass covers that allow you to stack and nest in any order (so if one pot is dirty, you can still stack them! YAY for dirty dishes)
  • They include 10 pieces, an 8”and 10” diameter cookware and they form two smaller separate stacks to save more space in the kitchen cabinets.
  • They are made with anodized construction that makes them more durable, longer lasting and  allows for even heating with no hot spots
  • They are dishwasher safe (huge plus for me, is hand washing dishes even a thing anymore?)
  • They have a 3-layer nonstick interior that can withstand metal spatulas, spoons,  whisks, and Charlie’s occasional use of a pot as a instrument. 
  • They have a lifetime warranty.

I am SO happy I chose Calphalon to be apart of my kitchen. My kitchen is so small, but this 10 piece Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware makes it feel big again.

Here are some before photos:

And now:


Historic authentic Arizona charm defines The Wigwam. Built over 90 years ago, the resort is built on 440 of acres, providing guests with a peaceful, quiet, and truly perfect southwest desert experience. A perfect summer escape is exactly what my family needed for our staycation.

We visited the Wigwam and we had the best time. We started our vacation by attending the Character Breakfast at Red’s Bar and Grill. Charlie was so excited to  meet Aladdin and Jasmine, and he was even more impressed they knew his name! Jasmine made him a balloon dog, who he named Rajah. Aladdin offered Charlie face painting but Charlie sadly declined. After meeting the characters we were able to enjoy a Saturday morning brunch at Red’s Bar and Grill. My personal favorite? The Biscuits and Gravy with a side of Bloody Mary. Because it was necessary.

After having breakfast, we found ourselves happy to be lost walking around the huge resort. In the very middle was the Tower pool alongside the Tower Bar and Grill. We quickly put on our swimsuits and spent the remainder of our staycation in the pool, staying cool from the Arizona 100 degree weather. The pool has a waterpark with two slides, poolside service, lounge chairs, and umbrellas. (and bathrooms right next to the pool so you don’t have to run around looking for them while your soaking wet!)

Saturday night we found ourselves sitting on the comfiest lounge chairs on the grass by Wigwam Bar listening to live music. It was a perfect sunset, the weather had cooled off, and the ambiance was amazing.

Our favorite food items at the Wigwam:

Wigwam Bar (breakfast): The Puzzle bread (It reminds me of my grandmothers monkey bread but its topped with even more caramel, bananas, and pecans. Its amazing)

Tower Pool Bar and Grill: The Kids Quesadilla (it’s a secret item and not on the menu but it is by far the best quesadilla Ive ever had. I ordered it three times while I was there. My favorite thing about it?  It’s made with gouda cheese and it comes with a side of sour cream and salsa).

Red’s Bar and Grill: The Red Wings (the hot sauce is made in house and is the perfect blend of spice, sweet and almost has a garlic spice)

Best drinks at the Wigwam:

Red’s Bar and Grill: The Bloody Mary

Tower Pool Bar and Grill: Wigwam Signature Margarita

Best Employees:

Red’s Bar and Grill employee, Anthony. He was so nice, accommodating and friendly. He also made Charlie feel super special during the Character Breakfast. Thank you Anthony!

Red’s Bar and Grill employee, Sam. He provided the best service to us for dinner one night. He made excellent recommendations on what to order and knew the menu like the back of his hand. Thank you Sam!

Tower Bar and Grill server, Aimee. She was so sweet, always asking if we needed anything additional and even going out of her way to help us move chairs and an umbrella. Thank you Aimee!

Overall, we had the most relaxing, enjoyable staycation at the Wigwam. I would recommend visiting the Wigwam over and over again. It’s perfect. Thank you so much for having us!

Back To School with Zappos and Psycho Bunny

Sponsored by Zappos

I hear the sound of school bells ringing… or is that mommy crying over here? Charlie is GOING TO PRESCHOOL. Was it not just yesterday I was giving him his first bath, encouraging him to take his first steps, and wishing the sleepless nights would be over? (gulp). I’ll be the mom carrying the tissue boxes while I drop him off for his first day (and it won’t be because I’m donating school supplies). But its moments like these that helps us all look back and savor all those sweet stages, even the not so sweet ones that seem like they will last forever in the moment.

Growing up as a kid, my favorite part about back to school was always picking out my first day of school new outfit, and it didn’t surprise me that it was Charlie’s favorite too. I mean who doesn’t love a crisp new shirt.

As most of you know, its July in Phoenix, which means it’s over 110 degrees outside, and this means mommy does all her shopping online. For Charlie this year, we did his back to school outfit shopping on Zappos. Zappos is my personal favorite because of Zappos Rewards, it’s free to sign up and includes free expedited shipping on every order! PLUS free returns! I got Charlie’s shirt the very next day!  Charlie’s top choice and the winner of this year’s back to school outfit went to Zappos Psycho Bunny Boy’s Crew Neck Tee. I love this brand because its affordable, high quality, and has that timeless classic look. It washes up well, and doesn’t loose 3 sizes in the dryer. Plus, it’s Charlies top choice, and to all those fellow parents, we all know getting dressed in the mornings can be a hassle, so when the kid is excited for his outfit, it makes mommy’s life a whole lot easier.

Our family would love to know your back to school traditions! Do you take them to pick out their first day of school outfit? Do they pick out a new backpack every year? I would love to know what traditions your family has created as this is not only Charlie’s first day of school, but mommy’s too!


One of a Kind with Nena & Co

Everyone has seen “the mom bag.” The hideous, filthy, cheerios stuck to the bottom, dried milk on the straps, if you touch it you’ll wake up with a cold the next day, MOM BAG. Yuck. I promised myself I would never carry around one of “those germ infested things.”

And that’s when I found Nena & Co.

Nena & Co has beautiful, high quality, purposeful bags and I had to have one. I loved the One of a Kind collection because I will be honest, I hate showing up places and seeing people with the same exact thing as me. For instance my Apple Phone, can’t people just buy the Samsung Galaxy? Kidding!! But really, I like to have unique things. So I went with Nena & Co One of a Kind convertible bag. The bag is curated from vintage fabrics woven from memory by a Guatemalan artisan up to 10 years ago. Each pattern on the bag is distinctive to the reign when the artisan lives. As if it doesn’t get any cooler than this? Nena & Co then adds hand cut leather to the bags to make them durable, sturdy, and mom approved.

California Baby Giveaway

California Baby just launched a new 100% Plant-based lotion and it is AMAZING!! And guess what? It’s the first and ONLY 100% USDA certified biobased lotion! It’s free of petroleum contaminants, synthetics! The calendula scent is my absolute favorite! The combination of clary sage and lavender is light and refreshing and the scent stays! It not only helps my dry skin and isn’t over greasy but it made Charlie’s eczema behind his knees completely go away!

Find out more here:

And we’re giving away two lotions to one lucky follower! To enter, subscribe to the blog and leave a comment!! Ends on thanksgiving!

Boo Baskets for Sunshine Acres

Every Halloween I have made Charlie a “Boo Basket”. Similarly themed to an Easter Basket, but Halloween themed. This year for Halloween, we decided to spread some love to some foster children. We carried on our Boo Basket tradition to Sunshine Acres. Sunshine Acres provides a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children who are separated from their parents.

Sunshine Acres is a 501 (c) 3 Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization. This Halloween I have teamed with GoodPop to help raise money for Sunshine Acres foster care children. For every donation, we have some YUMMY incentives. Visit the page here for more information.

A huge thank you to all the companies listed below who made our Boo Baskets such a success this year! We love you!

Here’s what each basket included:

All baskets by Fluf Textile Goods 

Books by Candlewick Press

Children’s Tableware by Re-Play 

Midnight Pajamas by KickeePants

Blankie friends by iPlay Baby

Sun Hats by iPlay Baby

Swim Toys by SwimWays

Chocolate by NibMor

Aveeno Baby Products

Stuffed animal friends by NubyUSA

Shaved ice coupons by Bahama Bucks

Jakes Unlimited Passes

Snacks by Mamma Chia