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Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper Bags

Brook Baby Bag:

I recently went to the beach and took my Cee Cee and Ryan diaper bag… and boy was I happy I did! Not only was it the perfect travel companion for the beach, but yielded the best date to the wedding we attended. I was tempted to try and stick my stroller in it to… 😉

This is my second Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper bag. I truly feel so lucky to have met Christine, the owner of Cee Cee & Ryan. This company is amazing. Not only are the diaper bags sleek, trendy, and functional, but they are designed to make everyday adventures simple. Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper Bags were thoughtfully designed with ample room to carry all of your baby’s essentials and your essentials and can accommodate a family’s ever changing needs. Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper Bags are a must-have for all parents.



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So for those of you that know me, you know how much I love oils. I was first introduced to oils when I was pregnant and my morning sickness would have me with my head in the trash can at work. My coworker did some “gypsy magic” (as I called it at that time) and rubbed oils behind my ears. The sickness went away… what?? I then thought, no… not possible. Placebo effect for sure. The next day I found myself in the same situation and my coworker was back at it. Since then I’ve found myself to have fallen in love with oils. My favorite? Patchouli. It reminds me of when Charlie was born. I love wearing oils, diffusing oils, even rinsing with oils. Yes … Its fine, call me a weirdo.  I recently purchased the Crane diffuser and it is amazing. I love the quality of Crane products. With its real bamboo top and base, it has a modern look and fits perfect into my home. It works with any essential oils, runs quiet for up to 6 hours, and has a mist volume of 18 ml per hour. This is the best diffuser I’ve come across.

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Now onto my Crane Humidifier. I love this humidifier, not only for when Charlie is sick, but we use it nightly to keep the air cool and help Charlie get a good night’s sleep. I love the style of this humidifier, the coloring, and the quietness of it… it runs quiet for up to 24 hours. I literally forget its running sometimes!

Book Reviews

Road Food, 10th Edition

Who else is a foodie? I most definitely am. Food makes me happy.

As a child I remember driving to Iowa (from Arizona) and the dreaded 24 hour drive seemed to last forever. My dad was always in a hurry to get there and so the most decision we had when choosing what to eat was which drive through was open at that time. We ended up at McDonalds for what seemed like every meal.

As payback I will be gifting ‘Road Food, 10th Edition’ my father, who needs to read and see how many hidden gems we missed while eating those greasy Chicken McNuggets in the car.

I recently received the book ‘Road Food, 10th Edition.’ This book covers 500 of the country’s best local eateries from Maine all the way to the West coast. This 10th Edition covers more than 250 new listings and updates from the previous edition. The book provides descriptions, directions, and even maps to the best local eateries nationwide; from ice cream parlors, to steak houses, to everything in between… this book is a must have for those foodie travelers out there. My family plans to keep this book in our car when taking family road trips.. because who wants McDonalds? … (ok maybe Charlie)

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Book Reviews, Family fun, Toddlers

Father’s Day with Macmillan 


Saturday with Daddy by Dan Andreasen: Charlie’s favorite part of this book is the simple fact that it is written about a young elephant and his elephant daddy. Mommy’s favorite part? Listening to Charlie say elephant! Find it here:

Daddy Depot by Chana Stiefel: Charlie absolutely loved the pictures in this book! This book is not just perfect for father’s day, but perfect for everyday! This book illustrates the year round dedication father’s provide. I absolutely loved the silly idea of “shopping” for a new dad. (Oh and to Ray (my dad), I promise I would pick you over and over again.) Find it here:

Daddies are Awesome by Meredith Costain: This book has such a sweet storyline and super cute illustrations that celebrate all kinds of daddies. Charlie absolutely loved all the pictures of the daddy dogs and their puppies. Mommy loves that it’s a board book and Charlie can’t rip the pages out! J Find it here:

My Daddy Rules the World by Hope Anita Smith: This book has powerful poems that complement and explore the special relationship between daddy and baby. Find it here:

Book Reviews

Book Review Portrait Revolution

Portrait Revolution by Julia L Kay

Excellent book that draws you into its subject, and engages you. It is fascinating to see how different artists approach the same subject.  It is filled with a numerous pages that shoe various techniques, styles, and graphic ideas of portraits. Diversity is a good work to sum up this book. This book does an excellent job of demonstrating diversity of the artist’s, mediums, and technique. This book displays art work from 55 countries. All portraits and all from members of the JKPP (Julia Kay Portrait Party) founded in 2010.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Book Reviews

Book Review

Women Who Move Mountains by Sue Detweiler

“God is our provider. He provides one day at a time. We trust Him day by day.” I loved how the book invited readers to pray without shame and encouraged that all human beings fall short of God’s original plan for a perfect, sinless world. I loved how the book included sections that would provide additional reading material with verses from the Bible. Another quote from the book that I found amazing was “God is writing your story. He is a redeemer. He will take the pain, sorrow, and loss and use it to make you more like Him. He uses suffering to teach us more about His ways, which are so much higher than our ways.” What a fascinating and powerful thing. I absolutely love this so much. I love this way of thinking, I love this outlook on life, I love the positivity… to look at everything, even in times where you feel like you are drowning, to remember that God is there and you are not alone.

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